Patios & Paving | Jigsaw

Shape and sculpt your garden space with the builders at Jigsaw, Kent and London’s landscaping and groundworks specialists. Offering a full design-and-build service, we can introduce patios and paving to make your garden easy to access and navigate, with a perfect combination of cohesive elements painting a beautiful picture. Working with high quality materials, including brick and block paving, our paths and patios create striking outdoor environments that will perfectly suit your needs, and prove a joy to use for many years to come.

Why a Patio?

As much as we love our gardens, many of us struggle to really get out into them enough. Sometimes, this is because we’re too busy, or the weather has been a bit too miserable recently. Other times, it’s because there isn’t really a space to relax and unwind. But a well-built patio, equipped with a table, chairs, perhaps even an outdoor grill or barbeque, can suddenly change all that, becoming the perfect place to eat, entertain and generally get some fresh air at the end of a busy day.

Patios are also a wise long-term investment, as house hunters are simply mad about them. For this reason, you can expect a professionally built patio, joined to your property and other sections of your garden with attractive, modern paths, to add a fair sum onto its overall value.

Learn more about the patios and paving Jigsaw installs throughout Kent and London by calling 0794 420 6886.