Extension & Home Renovation in Bromley | From a Team of Seasoned Builders & Groundworks Specialists

Congratulations on choosing Jigsaw’s experienced builders to mastermind a property improvement in Bromley. Below, we’ve look to answer a handful of questions we frequently receive from residents, covering a range of topics from property extension, to investment in a new driveway, home renovation, property refurbishments, loft conversions, groundworks and office fit outs. Have a question not covered below? Don’t hesitate to give us a call to ask it!

Bromley Clients’ Questions Answered

Will I require planning permission for a property extension?

This depends if the scope of your project falls within permitted development rules, which allow alterations to a property to occur without the formal go-ahead. If your property is protected, or the intended project goes beyond the scope of permitted development rights, you’ll need to get the rubber stamp. But don’t worry – the builders at Jigsaw can help you prepare your application, and submit it to Bromley’s local planning authority.

What elements would I typically consider targeting as part of property refurbishments?

Many Bromley clients wish us to spend time targeting antiquated infrastructure such as electrics and plumbing, to ensure they are capable of dealing with the demands of the modern household. Property refurbishments may also involve a general re-decoration and change of interior design scheme.

How do people make use of their loft conversions?

Some of the most popular use cases our builders encounter around Bromley include extra bedrooms, home offices (we’re a specialist for residential/commercial office fit outs in the area), media rooms to entertain the family, and master bathrooms. Loft conversions, in short, can be whatever you make of it should the space be there!

How does a home renovation differ from property refurbishments?

The key difference between property refurbishments and a home renovation is that the forner is more about restoring existing features of a Bromley property, whereas property refurbishments tend to be a bit more radical and more of a total overhaul, including structural/infrastructural alterations. If your property has seen better days but largely in terms of aesthetics, considering giving our builders a call, as a home renovation could make a world of difference!

What materials would you recommend for a new driveway?

Our builders typically recommend block paving or resin to Bromley residents considering investing in a new driveway. Block paving is great if you believe a creative combination of coloured pavers could create something eye-catching, yet cohesive with your property’s architectural character and identity. If you’d rather have a textured, gravel-like finish for your new driveway, but without some of the practical downsides associated with gravel, then a resin bound installation may be just what the doctor ordered.

Do you have examples of projects your builders have completed in Bromley?

Yes. Navigate to our Gallery to see examples of everything from property refurbishments to home renovation and loft conversion projects, property extension to office fit outs, standalone groundworks to a new driveway. We believe these examples speak for themselves in showcasing the standard of workmanship our builders have become known for around the Bromley area.

If you have a different query for our Bromley builders and groundworks team, or want to begin the process of getting a quote on property extension or improvement, call Jigsaw today on 0794 420 6886.